Re-usable Nitrous Oxide Inhaler & Disposable Refills


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Reduce Anxiety and Pain in Seconds for Adults and Children Ages 3 Years of Age and Up


Can be administered while: 1) waiting for a procedure, 2) immediately before the procedure, or 3) during the procedure.


Each dose refill delivers an average of 39.6% nitrous oxide over approximately 180 seconds.  Each dose comes with a disposable gas cylinder and mask.


CE 650446

ISO 13485 Certified FM 650454

Health Canada 99099


Human Use: Available Outside USA Only    


For painful or uncomfortable exams or office procedures such as botox injections, cystoscopies, vasectomies, mole removal, local injections, vaccinations and other medical office procedures.



Any patient that 1) is over three years of age and 2) is not pregnant, that is about to receive a procedure with local anesthetics or numbing gels, is about to have an uncomfortable exam or injection or that shows any form of short term discomfort or nervousness.



Under "worse case analysis" this product may create a nitrous oxide time weighted average (TWA) exposure rate of approximately 4 ppm (parts per million) over an 8 hour time period.  OSHA exposure limit levels of < 25 ppm TWA are considered safe.



ADULTS: health care professional (or) patient

CHILDREN: health care professional only





Nasal Cannula:  Adult and Pediatric Designs (adults can self-administer gas to themselves)


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Benefits of Hand-Held Nitrous®

  • Creates short term pain and anxiety reduction in seconds
  • Safe and Effective
  • Patients recover in minutes
  • Tiny - fits in the pocket
  • Patient can stop inhalation any time
  • Easy to administer
  • No special training or certification required
  • Inexpensive
  • Powerful
  • Uses no electricity or batteries
  • Safe for administrator: Meets all OSHA and NIOSH exposure limits
  • No special evacuation plumbing required for the office
  • Uses USP medical grade nitrous oxide
    • Approved under FDA New Drug Application 208069
  • Dispenser can be used up to 150 times
  • Licensed in the State of Texas
    • Medical Device Manufacturer No.: 1001227
    • Wholesale Distributor of Prescription Drugs No.: 1001252


Clinical Study

FDA Approval for Hand-Held Nitrous Gas

Common Questions

Instructions for Use (Mask)

Instructions for Use (Veterinarian)

Instructions for Use (Cannula)


When I use Hand-Held Nitrous® my patients experience significantly reduced pain, discomfort, and stress. Hand-Held Nitrous® is a great addition to my practice.

Dr. Robert P. Schmid

Plastic Surgeon


Any time I can improve the patient experience my practice becomes more successful. I use Hand-held Nitrous® because it dramatically improves patient satisfaction.

Dr Howard Beck